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Marian Golias

Introduction to Learning Greek. A Textbook for the 4th and 5th grade of classical gymnasia of the old and new type, adapted to the Program of the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Public Education.

The book was created as a textbook for middle school students, adjusted to comply with the secondary education reform of 1926. It was meant to be the first after WW1 ancient Greek textbook for beginners already familiar with Latin and its grammatical terminology. After its refinement and another adjustment to the needs of contemporary schools, the second edition was published in 1929 and became the prevalent textbook for teaching ancient Greek in Poland for nearly(...)


YEAR: 1926, 2ed. 1929,re-edition 1952


Rebecca Ray and Anna Warfield Storyboard That

Olympian Vocabulary

The purpose of the activity is to teach students about the connection between mythology and the English language. Students will also learn more about the characters of each myth by understanding their impact on modern language. Each student should choose three English words that come from a mythological character or god. Examples include: jovial, Herculean, mercurial, cereal, martial, volcano. For each word students divide a box in two. One side should have an ill(...)



Magda van Tilburg

Homer’s Ares and Aphrodite

The comic was initially created in Greek, in a black-and-white version, and then an online version in colour was introduced accompanied by an English translation. It retells the myth of Aphrodite’s affair with Ares discovered by Helios and revealed to all the gods by Hephaestus’  intrigue. The myth is known from the 8th book of The Odyssey by Homer, where the aoidos Demodocus sings it to the ruler of the Phaeacians. In the comic, however, it is Ho(...)


YEAR: 1984

COUNTRY: Netherlands

Monika Mikuła, Magdalena Popiołek

Ἕλληνές ἐσμεν πάντες [We are all Greeks]. The Textbook for Learning Ancient Greek

The textbook is founded on both authors’ years of experience in teaching Ancient Greek at the Institute of Classical Studies at the University of Warsaw and at other language classes. It is composed of three volumes. The first includes lessons 1-30 for the first year of study, the second - lessons 31-53 for the second year of study. Both come in two parts - one with texts, the other with grammatical information and sets of exercises. The third volume provide(...)


YEAR: 2017


Mark Warner

Perseus Role-Play

This activity suggests role-playing of the myths relating to Perseus. It does not offer the script but rather include suggestions for the teacher on how to engage with the myths. The activity includes a one page PDF of Perseus’ story as well as Story board templates.

The male characters include: Zeus, Hermes, Polydectes, Perseus and Acrisius

The female characters include: Danae, Medusa, Gr(...)



M. A. Crook

Gods assembly

This worksheet offers a plan for a school assembly on the Greek gods. School assemblies are common in schools around the world. They present the opportunity for students (and their teachers) to show their parents/other students what they have learnt. This worksheet refers to a 6th grade (Key stage 3/ Year 7 in the UK) presentation of their history lessons on ancient Greece.  Such assemblies may occur at the end of term/school year.



National Geographic Kids

The Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Greece

This website provides brief information on specific Greek gods and goddesses. The feature divinities are: Zeus, Hera, Poseidon, Aphrodite, Hades, Hermes, Demeter, Apollo, Athena. For each deity a photo of a statue is included.




Janusz Ryba, Aleksandra Klęczar


Cognoscite is a textbook aimed at secondary school students, at the beginner level. The authors, experienced in both teaching and writing textbooks, adapted it to the new curriculum introduced in 2020, which is not as strictly focused on language learning as before, and presents a broader scope of cultural aspects including European reception of Antiquity. Thus the textbook combines many school subjects: Latin, arts, history, literature and shows the pres(...)


YEAR: 2020


Geethanjali Kids - Rhymes and Stories

Geethanjali Kids - Rhymes and Stories, Ancient Greek Mythological Stories.

In the Youtube channel Geethanjali Kids - Rhymes and Stories two playlists retell stories from ancient Greek mythologies: Ancient Greek mythological stories; Greek stories.

The main Greek myths retold and animated for the children are:
Apollo and Cassandra; Athena and Poseidon; Eros and Psyche; Hercules and the twelve labours; Hermes and Apollo; Daedalus and Icarus; Odysseus and the Cyclops; Pandora’s box; Persephone; Pe(...)


YEAR: 2019


National Geographic Kids

Ancient Greeks Primary Resource

This resource offers 4 PDFs on ancient Greece. Facts on ancient Greece are introduced by the animated character of Max, the time-travelling mouse. The information appears like advertisement for a forthcoming issue of Mini Histories series.

PDF 1 + 2: The facts include  brief information on: the geographical borders of ancient Greece, Trojan horse, Aristotle, Hippokrates, Homer, athletics, theatre, myths, gods, growing up in (...)