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Yaniv Hamami


D.I.C Technologies operates and maintains websites catered to children's entertainment, promoting social content in a protected online environment.

D.I.C Technologies' flagship product, Mikmak World, is a supervised, secure online social platform where users can design virtual characters to go on adventures, play games, and meet other members.

The purpose of Mikmak is the enjoyment in pl(...)


YEAR: 2009


Magda van Tilburg

Homer’s Ares and Aphrodite

The comic was initially created in Greek, in a black-and-white version, and then an online version in colour was introduced accompanied by an English translation. It retells the myth of Aphrodite’s affair with Ares discovered by Helios and revealed to all the gods by Hephaestus’  intrigue. The myth is known from the 8th book of The Odyssey by Homer, where the aoidos Demodocus sings it to the ruler of the Phaeacians. In the comic, however, it is Ho(...)


YEAR: 1984

COUNTRY: Netherlands

Katarzyna Jasińska-Zdun

Latin Language for Students

The website provides students from diverse groups with a variety of educational aids. It contains original downloadable scripts to be used in class (see print screen), as well as a variety of files with learning resources: grammar, vocabulary, exercises, texts for self-study, a selection of prose and poetry (including audio recordings) or lyrics of Latin carols.

A significant portion of the website is dedicated to mythology and i(...)


YEAR: 2014


Monika Mikuła, Magdalena Popiołek

Ἕλληνές ἐσμεν πάντες [We are all Greeks]. The Textbook for Learning Ancient Greek

The textbook is founded on both authors’ years of experience in teaching Ancient Greek at the Institute of Classical Studies at the University of Warsaw and at other language classes. It is composed of three volumes. The first includes lessons 1-30 for the first year of study, the second - lessons 31-53 for the second year of study. Both come in two parts - one with texts, the other with grammatical information and sets of exercises. The third volume provide(...)


YEAR: 2017


Lorna Mock

Ancient Greece Quiz

This is a word document for an autumn half term quiz on ancient Greece. It provides questions on geography, chronology, comparison with England, language and alphabet, philosophers, and Greek gods. There is also an additional Greek gods’ quiz.




M. A. Crook

Gods assembly

This worksheet offers a plan for a school assembly on the Greek gods. School assemblies are common in schools around the world. They present the opportunity for students (and their teachers) to show their parents/other students what they have learnt. This worksheet refers to a 6th grade (Key stage 3/ Year 7 in the UK) presentation of their history lessons on ancient Greece.  Such assemblies may occur at the end of term/school year.



AV2 by Weigl

Venus Goddess of Love and Beauty: Media Enhanced Book

This website offers an accompanying online activities to the book Venus Goddess of Love and Beauty by Teri Temple and Emily Temple. The book is reviewed on our OMC survey (see here).
The online website offers an online version of the book.
The interactive activities follow the information in the book and include various actions to check its comprehension. The activities include Picture(...)



National Geographic Kids

Zeus the Mighty

This website accompanies the “Zeus the Mighty” book series by Crispin Boyer. It provides interactive activities as well as information on the book and its main characters.
The website includes the following:

  • Games: Zeus the Mighty: help Zeus climb Mt. Olympus,
    Personality Quiz By Kay Boatner: which type of pet and Zeus character you are mo(...)


YEAR: 2019