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Laura Jenkinson-Brown

Greek Myth Comix

The website is focused on presenting students with ancient myths in an approachable and entertaining form of a comic. The author of the comics reaches for absolute classics: myths, the Odyssey, drama, the Aeneid, and allows the reader to effortlessly learn numerous interesting facts and concepts from mythology, literature, philology, philosophy and other sciences.
Greek Myth Comix was originally launched to assist students in the auth(...)



Hugh Lupton, The Cambridge School Classics Project (CSCP), Daniel Morden

Primary Ancient Greeks

Primary Ancient Greeks is aimed mainly at primary school teachers. The website provides teaching guidance, printable materials and lesson plans for teaching Ancient Greek literacy and history through Greek myths. The website contains thematically-organised modules prepared to be realized within 6 weeks. The crucial idea of the authors is for each of the topics to introduce to the student 2-3 chosen Greek myths weekly and present connected ideas and concepts from t(...)



Katarzyna Jasińska-Zdun

Latin Language for Students

The website provides students from diverse groups with a variety of educational aids. It contains original downloadable scripts to be used in class (see print screen), as well as a variety of files with learning resources: grammar, vocabulary, exercises, texts for self-study, a selection of prose and poetry (including audio recordings) or lyrics of Latin carols.

A significant portion of the website is dedicated to mythology and i(...)


YEAR: 2014


Laura Ferrante-Fernandes

Mythological Soaps. Curriculum Unit 83.02.10

This unit is aimed to “teach English to speakers of other languages (ESOL) through the myths of love and passion while concurrently introducing students to mythology.”

This dual goal is achieved via skit (brief dramatic pieces) adaptations of Daphne and Apollo, Pyramus and Thisbe, and Aphrodite and Adonis (they myths are adapted from Bulfinch’s Mythology).
The creator notes that students are engaged with TV&r(...)


YEAR: 1983



Ovid’s Metamorphoses

This lessons’ unit focus on Ovid’s magnum opus, the Metamorphoses and how it can be compared to other stories, from the Bible to modern prose and poetry.

The curriculum provides a brief background on Ovid and three lessons:
Lesson 1: The Metamorphoses and Genesis: A Comparison of Creation-Flood Stories
Lesson 2: The Metamorphoses and Modern Poetry: A Comparison of Mythic Characters
Lesson 3: “The Metamo(...)