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CET Team

Journey to the Past: Greece, Rome and Jerusalem (Masa el HeAvar, Yavan, Roma veYerushalayim) According to the new History curriculum for elementary schools

This is a textbook for the study of History in 6th grade. The main theme is Judea and its relationship with the Greek, Hellenistic and Roman societies until the outbreak of the great rebellions against the Romans: the first great rebellion (66-73 C.E.) and the destruction of the second temple in 70 C.E. The second is the Bar  Kokhba revolt 132-135 C.E.

The book also includes background on the rise of Christianity and the eme(...)


YEAR: 2001


Laura Jenkinson-Brown

Greek Myth Comix

The website is focused on presenting students with ancient myths in an approachable and entertaining form of a comic. The author of the comics reaches for absolute classics: myths, the Odyssey, drama, the Aeneid, and allows the reader to effortlessly learn numerous interesting facts and concepts from mythology, literature, philology, philosophy and other sciences.
Greek Myth Comix was originally launched to assist students in the auth(...)



Magda van Tilburg

About Circe

Kirke is a comic book by Magda van Tilburg, in which she presents the myth of Circe and Odysseus according to Homer. The entire comic is written in ancient Greek, the phrases used by characters come from books X and XI of Odyssey. Some of hexameters and words are omitted or slightly modified producing a more fluent story and lively dialogue. It is only in the digital version that the original text is accompanied by an English translation. In addi(...)


YEAR: 1983 2019 (coloured digital version)

COUNTRY: Netherlands

Anna K. Baker

A View of The Odyssey. Curriculum Unit 83.02.02

The purpose of this resource is for the teachers to use the epic poem as a tool to help the students in their own self-discovery and path to adulthood. The complexity of the Odyssey is meant to mirror challenges within the students’ own lives, as well as making them more familiar with a literary masterpiece. As the creator writes: “Students can be asked to see in the experience of Odysseus, the archetypal traveler, and his son Telemachus, a vision of t(...)


YEAR: 1983


Michael Conte, Jr.

Mythology for the Classroom. Curriculum Unit 83.02.04

This unit offers an introduction to Greek and Roman mythology, with the hope that the students will later continue exploring this subject on their own.

The students learn of the ancient myths via modern retelling. The purpose is also to strengthen the students’ language skills, by asking them to search words in a dictionary and give them writing assignments.

The unit offers three lesson plan samples, bibliography for teachers and students, filmstrips (from the Audio-Visual D(...)


YEAR: 1983



DK Find Out: Troy - The Trojan War

This online resource contains an interactive map of ancient Greece and an ancient Greece quiz. When you click on one of the sites, an information text appears. If you click on the red words in the text, a new information page opens up. For example, when you click on Troy, you get the Trojan War interactive page.




Iffat Sardharwalla

Greek Myths

This is a power point presentation on the subject of Greek Myths. It includes short explanations on the Greek gods, photos, names of heroes, suggestions for classroom activity.




Odyssey in Comics

The narration of the Odyssey tells the story of the Homeric poem in a simplified and approachable manner, illustrated with cartoon drawings, and is addressed to children and teenagers with Special Education Needs (SEN).

The material is composed of illustration sheets accompanied by brief captions.
The illustrations introduce the Homeric characters beforehand, through cards with a character’s thumbnail and their (...)


YEAR: 2010