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Nick Willing

Jason and the Argonauts

Zeus and Hera, looking like a young and handsome couple, peer down at mortals from heaven among the clouds. They are observing Jason’s life from the murder of his father Aeëtes by his uncle Pelias, through his childhood years spent in anonymity away from his home, his return to the King’s court, the forced expedition to seek the Golden Fleece for his uncle, his visit to and escape from the Amazons, the finding of the seer, the arrival in Colchis, Medea’s help in getting th(...)


YEAR: 2000

COUNTRY: United States of America

Agnieszka Stelmaszyk

Jason’s Code [Szyfr Jazona] (The Archeo Chronicles [Kroniki Archeo], 8)

Kroniki Archeo [The Archeo Chronicles] is a series of children’s novels, in which children of a Polish and a British couple: Anna Ostrowska and Bartek Ostrowski along with Mary Jane and twins, Jim and Martin, Gardner and their friends solve mysteries associated with mythology, history, archeology, ancient cultures and eventually make consequential discoveries. (See The Treasure of the Atlanteans in the database).In Jason’s Code, a tomb of a Celtic princess is discovered; the owner of(...)


YEAR: 2014