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Natalia Kapatsoulia, Filippos Mandilaras

My First History [Η Πρώτη μου Ιστορία (Ī prṓtī mou Istoría)] (Series): The Battle of Marathon [Η μάχη του Μαραθώνα (I máchi tou Marathṓna)]

The textual and pictorial narrative starts with a contemporary setting: parents and children enjoy the sun and the sea in a crowded beach, ‘Marathon Beach’. As we read in red letters, this is the place where an important battle in history happened. We turn the page, and we are introduced to the Persian Empire, its geographical vastness and its great King, Darius I. By contrast, the reader comes to appreciate, Greece is much smaller. In the Greek city-states decisions were reached dem(...)


YEAR: 2015