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Joe Lillington, Iris Volant

Ancient Warriors

Ancient Warriors is divided as follows: overview of specific armies; short biographies of military leaders; overviews of battles throughout history. The book covers the Bronze Age until the 14th Century CE and features armies such as the Mayans (pp. 12–13), the Romans (pp. 24–28), the Huns (pp. 34–35), the Vikings (pp. 42–43), and the Samurai (pp. 50–51). These armies are arranged chronologically and are described along with their respective military leaders such as(...)


YEAR: 2018

COUNTRY: United Kingdom

Caesar III

In Caesar III, users play as a Roman governor, sent by Caesar to rule new provinces across the world. To complete each scenario, and rise in rank, they must build cities that meet the required levels of Population, Culture, Peace, Prosperity and Favour. With each success, the player is given the choice of governing either a peaceful or militaristic Province, meaning they direct whether they want to focus on cultural marvels and luxuries, or battling Rome’s enemies.Starting with nothing but(...)


YEAR: 1998

COUNTRY: United Kingdom

Michael Simpson

The Eagle of the Ninth

The action takes place at the beginning of Hadrian’s reign, in Roman Britain. In 117 CE, twelve years after the unexplained disappearance of the Ninth Hispana Legion, an elite unit of the Roman army composed of experienced soldiers are attacked by the Brigantes whose upraising they were preparing to prevent. A young centurion of the 4th auxiliary Gallic cohort, Marcus Flavius Aquila, is posted to Britain where he hopes to discover what happened to the Ninth. His missing father was the seco(...)


YEAR: 1977

COUNTRY: United Kingdom