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Joe Lillington, Iris Volant

Ancient Warriors

Ancient Warriors is divided as follows: overview of specific armies; short biographies of military leaders; overviews of battles throughout history. The book covers the Bronze Age until the 14th Century CE and features armies such as the Mayans (p. 12-13), the Romans (p. 24-28), the Huns (p. 34-35), the Vikings (p. 42-43), and the Samurai (p. 50-51). These armies are arranged chronologically and are described along with their respective military leaders such as Ramesses II (p.16-17), Alexander t(...)


YEAR: 2018

COUNTRY: United Kingdom

Caesar III

In Caesar III, users play as a Roman governor, sent by Caesar to rule new provinces across the world. To complete each scenario, and rise in rank, they must build cities that meet the required levels of Population, Culture, Peace, Prosperity and Favour. With each success, the player is given the choice of governing either a peaceful or militaristic Province, meaning they direct whether they want to focus on cultural marvels and luxuries, or battling Rome’s enemies.Starting with nothing but(...)


YEAR: 1998

COUNTRY: United Kingdom

Extra Credits , Carrie Floyd, Daniel Floyd, James Portnow, Allison Theus

Extra History (Series, S01E01-04): Rome: The Punic Wars – I: The First Punic War / Rome: The Punic Wars – II: The Second Punic War Begins / Rome: The Punic Wars – III: The Second Punic War Rages On / Rome: The Punic Wars – IV: The Conclusion of Second Puni

Rome: The Punic Wars – I: The First Punic WarTwo male and one female character wearing ancient vests - Dan, James and Alison -appear and explain how Creative Assembly, the producers of Total War: Rome II – a strategy game set in ancient times and beginning before the Punic Wars – called and offered a part of their advertising budget to Extra Credits in order to be able to “teach people Roman history.” The introduction highlights the significance of Punic Wars: they (...)


YEAR: 2013


Simon Adams

Ladybird Histories (Series): Romans

This work is a non-humorous introduction to ancient Roman society aimed at children aged 7+.Table of Contents:Who were the Romans?The Founding of RomeThe Roman RepublicFighting CarthageThe Roman ArmyRoman RoadsJulius CaesarCreating the EmpireConquering BritainFortificationsImperial RomeThe ColosseumA Day at the RacesLife in the CityWonderful WaterLife in the CountryThe Roman FamilyRoman ChildrenFood and LifestyleRoman ReligionPompeiiUp in ArmsDecline and FallWhat the Romans Did for UsFamous Roma(...)


YEAR: 2014

COUNTRY: United Kingdom

Malorie Blackman

Noughts & Crosses

Sephy Hadley and Callum McGregor are best friends as children, but they live in a world where dark-skinned Crosses like Sephy dominate every aspect of society while the pale-skinned Noughts like Callum are oppressed. The history behind this oppression hints at an inversion of the power dynamics of classical history. Meanwhile, both Sephy (‘Persephone’) and her sister, Minerva, have classically-inspired names, recalling the Ancient Greek queen of the Underworld and the goddess of wisd(...)


COUNTRY: United Kingdom

Albert Barillé

Once Upon a Time... The Discoverers (Series S 01, E 02) : Archimedes and the Greeks [Il était une fois… les Découvreurs: Archimède et les Grecs]

Archimède et les Grecs is the second episode of the series about discoveries entitled Il était une fois… [Once Upon a Time…]. It presents the achievements of ancient Greek thought in terms of science and engineering by introducing Archimedes in an interesting and approachable way. The plot is similar to any other episode in the series: a white-haired, old Maestro narrates histories about important inventions from the past to a group of bored or inattentive childr(...)


YEAR: 1994


Pierce Brown , Rik Hoskin , Eli Powell

Red Rising: Sons of Ares

Red Rising: Sons of Ares is the graphic novel prequel to the novels of the hugely popular Red Rising science-fiction series. The series imagines a rigidly hierarchical interplanetary society which takes much of its form from ancient Greek myths of the ages of humans and from ancient Roman culture. While the main series witnesses an uprising by the Sons of Ares, a terrorist group who fight against oppression, Red Rising: Sons of Ares takes readers back to the origins of the rebellion.The sto(...)


Carrie Beck, Dave Filoni, Simon Kinberg, George Lucas, Justin Ridge

Star Wars Rebels (Series)

Star Wars Rebels is a 2D animated series that adds to the main Star Wars saga storyline while introducing new characters and plots. The series is set in between Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith (2005) and Star Wars: Rogue One (2016), approximately fifteen years after the foundation of the Galactic Empire (for more background on the Star Wars universe, please see the entry for Star Wars. The Clone Wars). The story follows Ezra Bridger, a "Force sensitive" (i.e. supernaturally talented) te(...)


YEAR: 2014

COUNTRY: United States of America

Patrick Branwell Brontë

The History of the Young Men

This work opens with an extensive Introduction which details the early lives of the Brontë children and the evolution of their creative writing. There is also a section of Notes on the Text, which provides a manuscript history and images of the original. Branwell's introduction provides the history of the acquisition of the toy soldiers who formed the basis of the stories. He adds, 'this history is a statement of what Myself, Charlotte Emily and Ann really pretended did happen' (...)


COUNTRY: Australia