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Marisa De Castro, Mark Weinstein

Shall we go to Delphi? [Πάμε στους Δελφούς; (Páme stous Delfoús?)]

As we read on the opening page, here we have a guide to Delphi in central Greece, "one of the most sacred locations for the ancient Greeks" (my translation). Mythology, archaeology and art history feature prominently in this booklet, accounting for the site’s significance.(...)


YEAR: 2009


Jim Pipe

You Wouldn't Want to Be Cleopatra! An Egyptian Ruler You'd Rather Not Be

You wouldn’t want to be Cleopatra! An Egyptian ruler you’d rather not be describes Cleopatra’s life in a unique way. It is written from a very personal perspective which helps the young readers identify with Cleopatra. The first lines in the book already introduce a strong identification with Cleopatra: You are Cleopatra, a princess living in Egypt 2,000 years ago (p.9). The whole narration of the story flows in this personal style. This specific style helps young readers under(...)


YEAR: 2007

COUNTRY: United Kingdom