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Susan Cooper

Greenwitch (The Dark is Rising Sequence, 3)

Greenwitch is a fantasy novel for children about a humanoid image of leaves and branches that comes to life with the powers of the universe and becomes involved in a battle between good and evil. It makes use of many folktale elements and allusions to Classical mythology in order to bring myth and ancient societal practices to the attention of the modern child. As the third book in the series The Dark is Rising Sequence, the Greenwitch returns to the lives of Simon, Jane, and Barn(...)


YEAR: 1974

COUNTRY: United States of America

Margot McGovern


When seventeen-year-old orphan Kit Learmonth tries to commit suicide by slashing her wrists in the swimming pool of her prestigious boarding school, her uncle takes her back to her childhood home to recuperate. Before her parents drowned in an accident at sea when she was ten, Kit grew up on an idyllic island owned for generations by her wealthy, infamous family. Though its official name is Learmonth Island, everyone refers to it as Neverland. In Kit’s mind, it is a place of magic and adve(...)


YEAR: 2018

COUNTRY: Australia

THQ Nordic

Titan Quest: Ragnarok

Like its predecessors, Titan Quest: Ragnarok follows a legendary warrior on their travels through the ancient world, fighting monsters and vengeful gods to protect humanity. Fresh from defeating Hades’s rebellion in the Underworld, the player is approached by Ylva, princess of Skandia. The Aesir are attacking her homeland, and she is sure only the Titansbane can stop them. Thus, a journey begins that takes its hero from Corinth to the Northlands, battling trolls, druids and axe-men to(...)


YEAR: 2017