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Joan Holub, Suzanne Williams

Goddess Girls (Series, Book 20): Calliope the Muse

In this installment, we meet Calliope, the muse of epic poetry. Calliope is new at MOA, and as a new student she is anxious and wishes to prove her worth. She used to live with her sisters, but now she wants to show them that she is already mature enough and perfectly able to take care of herself. “She wanted to stand on her own two feet, to have them see her as the almost-teenager she was!” p. 27. This is of course a universal feeling shared by almost all adolescents; the need to sh(...)


YEAR: 2016

COUNTRY: United States of America

Kate O’Hearn

Pegasus (Series, Book 6): The End of Olympus

This is the sixth and final book in the Pegasus series, which follows the adventures of Emily, a mortal girl from New York who one day discovers a wounded Pegasus on her rooftop. In the previous book, Emily and her friends went to Hawaii and later Emily and the Xan Riza who lived inside of her were separated into two different bodies. Lorin, the Titan who also inherited part of Riza’s Xan powers returned to Olympus with them and Emily must teach her how to control her powers with compassio(...)


COUNTRY: United Kingdom

June Epstein , Marjorie Howden

The Nine Muses: Five Plays for Ages 11 to 13

A playscript about Ancient Greece that brings classical composers to Mount Olympus for child performers and audiences. Includes plans for stage setting, notes on costume and props and a list of classical music to be performed during the performance. “Suggestions for original work” at the end of the play include dramatisations of one of the old Greek myths and writing a dialogue between two famous poets, painters or musicians. The prologue of The Nine Muses summarises the play&rs(...)


YEAR: 1951

COUNTRY: Australia