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Ivan Kotliarevsky

Aeneid. Travestied Inside Out into Little Russian language by I. Kotliarevsky [Енеида. На малороссійскій языкъ перелиціованная И. Котляревскимъ (Eneyda. Na malorossiĭskiĭ iazyk perelytsiovannaia Y. Kotliarevskym)]

After the fall of Troy, Aeneas ("Aeneas was a lively fellow, / Lusty as any Cossack blade") and the Trojans run away to sea. Juno asks Aeolus to sink the Trojans. Aeolus creates the storm, but Aeneas gives Neptune a bribe, and the storm calms down. Venus feels worried about her son Aeneas and complains about Juno to Zeus. Zeus says that the fate of Aeneas is already sealed – he will go to Rome and found a strong state there. After much suffering, the Trojans reach Carthage, where(...)


YEAR: 1798

COUNTRY: Russia Russian Empire

Adèle Geras


Drawing on the narrative of the first four books of Virgil’s Aeneid, Dido expands and extends the tragic story of the Queen of Carthage, who falls in love with Aeneas and kills herself after he sails away. It is told through the eyes of multiple characters – the young handmaiden Elissa, who becomes nursemaid to Aeneas’ son Ascanius, Cubby, a strong, somewhat simple servant, Iopas the bard, and Anna, Dido’s younger sister. With the exception of Anna, these characters are i(...)


YEAR: 2009

COUNTRY: United Kingdom

Jeanne Bloch

Stories from Ancient Rome [Récits de la Rome Antique]

The booklet is divided in 8 chapters, each contains a mythical story or a legend of ancient Rome known from Livy’s Ab Urbe condita or it introduces a historical character.At the beginning, the child is told the story of Aeneas, the father of kings, which here begins with the long siege of Troy ending with the fall and burning of the city as a result of the wooden horse trick. Having avoided death in flames, Aeneas flees from Troy with his father, Anchises and son, Ascanius. He is safe from(...)


YEAR: 1912


Sulari Gentill

The Blood of Wolves (The Hero Trilogy, 3)

The Blood of Wolves finds the young Hero and her adopted brothers, Machaon, Lycon and Cadmus back on the slopes of Mt Ida. The arrival of one of the Trojan refugees who left with Aeneas after Troy’s fall soon sets them and their guardian wolf Lupa on another long journey. This time all the Herdsmen leave, as Pan warns that Ida will soon fall to its land-hungry neighbours. They go to find a new home for themselves and to help Aeneas, who they are told has been imprisoned on Crete; their adv(...)


YEAR: 2013

COUNTRY: Australia

Jacynth Hope-Simpson, Alberto Longoni

The Curse of the Dragon's Gold

This is a collection of Babylonian, Egyptian, Greek, Norse, and Arthurian myths retold for children, closely adapted from the ancient source material. The featured Greek myths are retellings of the stories of Theseus, Persephone, Aeneas, Odysseus and the birth of Hermes. All except Theseus are loose child-friendly English translations of ancient poems (the Homeric Hymn to Hermes, Homeric Hymn to Demeter, The Aeneid, and The Odyssey). In the case of Theseus, Hope-Simpson writes in her introductio(...)


YEAR: 1964

COUNTRY: United States of America

Nikolaĭ Osipov

Virgil’s Aeneid Travestied Inside Out [Виргилиева Энеида, вывороченная наизнанку (Virgilieva Ėneida, vyvorochennaia naiznanku)]

Virgil’s Aeneid Travestied Inside Out by N. Osipov is remarkably close to Vergil’s Aeneid in plot. Every part (song) of the poem is preceded by a short summary of what the part narrates. After the fall of Troy, a fleet led by Aeneas (“a daring young man, / And the most skillful fellow”) begins a long voyage to find a new home. Juno wants to disturb them, she asks Aeolus to set a storm, which will destroy the Trojan fleet. Neptune, angry with Juno's intervention i(...)


YEAR: 1791

COUNTRY: Russian Empire