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Margery Jean Gill, Roger Lancelyn Green

The Luck of Troy

The Luck of Troy transforms the Trojan War saga into an original story focalised through the character of the twelve year old boy Nicostratus, the son of Menelaus and Helen. Having been brought to Troy by his mother when he was a baby, Nico grows up in the besieged city, with only hazy memories of Greece and his father, and a deeply conflicted sense of identity and loyalty. As the war’s impact intensifies, most of the Trojans reject and persecute him as a traitor, but he finds some comfort(...)


YEAR: 1961

COUNTRY: United Kingdom

Leonid Gore, Kate Hovey

Voices of the Trojan War

Voices of the Trojan War recounts the saga of Troy in verse. The book is a collection of 53 short poems, bookended by an invocation and epilogue. Most of the poems are in the form ABAB, but a few feature other patterns of rhyme and rhythm. Each one has a title, and is preceded by a classical epigraph. Excerpts from Homer’s Iliad and book two of Virgil’s Aeneid feature numerous times, but there are also references to The Odyssey, the plays of Euripides, Ovid, and Lucian. The book(...)


YEAR: 2004

COUNTRY: United States of America