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Christophe Chaffardon

Aristarchos' Manuscript [Le manuscrit d’Aristarque]

The action takes place in the 3rd century B.C. Athens and later Alexandria in Ptolemaic Egypt. A physician practicing advanced and not yet sanctioned medicine is forced to flee Athens with his daughter Ophelia as stowaways on a small ship going to Alexandria. He dies suddenly, having been poisoned when the ship reaches its destination. Before he dies he manages to tell his daughter to look for a certain Aristarchus, who turns out to have been a revolutionary astronomer who believed that the Eart(...)


YEAR: 2016


Dann Thomas, Roy Thomas

Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme: Trapped In A Time Warp! "The Alexandria Quatrain" Vol. 33

In this volume of the Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme Comic series, Thanos, an Eternal, a fierce enemy of Dr. Strange, captures Dr. Stephen Strange and his ex-wife Clea in a time warp. Thanos tries to stop Dr Strange from assisting the heroes who gathered against him. Dr Strange tries to find a way out from the warp and arrives in ancient Alexandria during 48/47 B.C.E. while Julius Caesar is assisting Cleopatra. Dr Strange is a powerful sorcerer and a man of high intellect. He quickly understan(...)


YEAR: 1991

COUNTRY: United States of America