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Janet Stephens

Janet Stephens YouTube Videos: Series of Short Online Video Hair Tutorials Teaching About Ancient Hairstyles

Titles of videos (accessed: August 20, 2018): Julia Domna I;Agrippina the Younger;Ancient Roman Hair Styles: Men;Aphrodite Knot;Cleopatra;Empress Sabina: Ancient Roman Hairdressing;Julia Domna: Forensic Hairdressing;Cleopatra’s Coin Hairstyle;The Hairstyles of Faustina the Younger;Flavian-Trajanic Hairstyle: Orbis Comarum;Hairstyle of Empress Faustina the Elder;Hairstyle of Agippina the Elder;Classical Greek Hairstyle;The Hairstyle of Empress Plotina;The Tutulus Hairstyle: Ancient Rom(...)


YEAR: 2011

COUNTRY: United States of America

Adam McCauley , Jon Scieszka

See You Later, Gladiator (The Time Warp Trio, 9)

See You Later, Gladiator is the ninth installment in the Time Warp Trio, a comic time-travel adventure series written for boys. In this story, friends Joe, Sam and Fred are play fighting in Joe‘s bedroom, emulating the moves of their favourite World Wrestling personalities. Their antics cause The Book, a magic time travel text given to Joe by his uncle, to tumble from the bookshelf. Just as it has before, The Book transports the boys through time and space, this time to ancient R(...)


YEAR: 2000

COUNTRY: United States of America