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Rebecca Alexander , Patrick Branwell Brontë

Branwell's Blackwood's Magazine. The Glass Town Magazine (with contributions from his sister Charlotte Brontë)

The British authors, Charlotte, Emily, and Anne Brontë, whose novels included Jane Eyre (1847), Wuthering Heights (1847), and The Tenant of Wildfell Hall (1848), began their careers by writing elaborate juvenilia alongside their brother, Branwell. Together the sibling Brontë children created an imaginary society in West Africa - The Glass Town Federation, a union of four kingdoms and a federal capital – the Great Glass Town. They wrote extensively about that society, creating sto(...)



Anna Rudka , Katarzyna Ryrych

Grandma Zilbersztajn’s Christmas Bauble [Bombka babci Zilbersztajn]

Seven year old Ninka moves with her parents and brother Alek to the apartment which belonged to her recently deceased grandmother. The old, damaged building from before WW2 keeps a lot of secrets, exaggerated additionally by Ninka’s fruitful imagination. A huge and loud grandfather clock becomes home for a monster called Tempus Fugit – these words are written over the clock face and, even though it means "time flies" in Latin, Alek convinces his sister it is a name card of (...)


YEAR: 2018


Fyodor Khitruk

Icarus and Sages [Икар и мудрецы]

The movie tells the story of Icarus who lives among the sages. “All his neighbours, clever men, have already found their place in life and dedicated their leisure to philosophical conversations. […] And this one was… an eccentric.” During the movie Icarus tries to fly many times and falls watched by the eyes of the clever men, who tell him Latin proverbs. These “unquestionable truths” written on monuments tumble on fallen Icarus from heaven. Nevertheless Ica(...)


YEAR: 1976

COUNTRY: Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR)

Jon Klassen , Sara Pennypacker


The story is about young boy Peter and his beloved pet–a fox named Pax. When war breaks out and friends have to separate, so Peter – convinced by his father, who was called up for military service – leaves Pax far away from home, in the middle of nowhere. The boy, however, can not come to terms with such a drastic parting and runs away from his new home – he wants to find the fox at all costs. Similarly, Pax, though lost and confused at first, decides to find a friend. Co(...)


YEAR: 2016

COUNTRY: United States of America

Pierce Brown , Rik Hoskin , Eli Powell

Red Rising: Sons of Ares

Red Rising: Sons of Ares is the graphic novel prequel to the novels of the hugely popular Red Rising science-fiction series. The series imagines a rigidly hierarchical interplanetary society which takes much of its form from ancient Greek myths of the ages of humans and from ancient Roman culture. While the main series witnesses an uprising by the Sons of Ares, a terrorist group who fight against oppression, Red Rising: Sons of Ares takes readers back to the origins of the rebellion.The sto(...)


Patrick Branwell Brontë

The History of the Young Men

This work opens with an extensive Introduction which details the early lives of the Brontë children and the evolution of their creative writing. There is also a section of Notes on the Text, which provides a manuscript history and images of the original. Branwell's introduction provides the history of the acquisition of the toy soldiers who formed the basis of the stories. He adds, 'this history is a statement of what Myself, Charlotte Emily and Ann really pretended did happen' (...)


COUNTRY: Australia

Kelsey Oseid

What We See in the Stars: An Illustrated Tour of the Night Sky

What We See in the Stars is an informative work which uses attractive illustrations and clear language to communicate about the science of space, the history of space science (including ancient science), and the mythology connected to that science. The work is explicit at the start about its mission to teach science and mythology. It begins by explaining that knowledge of the stars was initially important for agriculture and navigation, and that modern star-gazing is a way to connect with 'a(...)


COUNTRY: United Kingdom United States of America