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Zinovy Gerdt , Sándor Kallós , Fyodor Khitruk

Olimpioniki [Олимпионики]

This is an educational movie describing the history of the Olympic Games in the form of short funny stories. It was filmed during the 1980 Olympics held in the USSR.The movie is animated, however its last part includes found footage – documentary photo and video materials from modern Olympic Games, finishing with the Moscow Olympics. The animated material is based on ancient vase painting, sculptures, and architecture that is included extensively in the film. It talks about the origin(...)


YEAR: 1982

COUNTRY: Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR)

Lucjan Rydel

Pherenice and Peisidoros [Ferenike i Pejsidoros]

An anecdote reported by Pausanias in his Description of Greece (5.6.7–8; 6.7.2) is retold by Rydel. Pherenice is the mother of a young athlete Peisidoros, who prepares himself to attend the Olympic Games (Rydel dates them at 428 B.C., although it is more probable that those Olympics took place in 404 B.C.). Pherenice’s father and both of her brothers were Olympic winners, but she, being a woman, was unable to witness their triumphs. She decides to disguise herself as a man and watch (...)


YEAR: 1909

COUNTRY: Austro-Hungarian Empire