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Jan Parandowski

Circus and Arena [Cyrk i arena]

The weekly Dookoła świata [Around the World] (1954–1976) was intended to be a sort of travel magazine and “a window to the external world” for Polish teens in the Polish People’s Republic – see here [entry “Z antycznego świata”, Dookoła Świata 13 (1957)]. The article focuses on the Roman circus and amphitheatre. Both are presented as a building and as an institution. First, Parandowski writes about the beginning of the circus between the Palatine an(...)


YEAR: 1957


Shoo Rayner

Olympia. Race for the Stars (Olympia, 6)

Race for the Stars is the sixth in author-illustrator Shoo Rayner’s Olympia series of chapter books which show what life was like for ordinary children in Ancient Greece. It features Olly, whose father runs the gymnasium where the great athletes train, and who dreams of being an Olympic champion. In Race for the Stars, Olly’s sister Chloe, who has an affinity with animals, wants to enter the Junior chariot race. Though women and girls are not allowed to race, horse and(...)


YEAR: 2011

COUNTRY: United Kingdom