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Craig Phillips, Tracey West

Zeus and the Dreadful Dragon (Heroes in Training, 15)

This is the fifteenth book in the Heroes in Training series (see Zeus and the thunderbolt of doom). In this installment, we finally arrive at the great battle between the 10 year olds Olympians and king Cronus and his army of Cronies.At the beginning of the story, the Olympians are on their way to mount Olympus, fearing the coming battle. Ron, the mortal hero, and Pegasus help them scan the land and locate the enemy’s army. Zeus, the leader of the group, does not have any tangible plan yet(...)


YEAR: 2018

COUNTRY: United States of America

Nicolas Duffaut, Hélène Montardre

Zeus, King of the Gods [Zeus le roi des dieux]

In the mountains on the island of Crete, in a secret clearing, nymphs live, sing, dance, and play undisturbed. A young boy called Zeus plays and runs in the hills trying to catch Amalthea, a goat with horns full of ambrosia. Zeus grows up and asks nymphs about his parents. At first, they speak only about his mother Rhea, but later they tell him about his father, Kronos, who, trying to prevent a prophecy, devours his children. Zeus was saved by Rhea, who gave birth to him on Crete and, to save hi(...)


YEAR: 2013