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Christopher Barry, Dennis Spooner

Doctor Who (Series, Season 2): The Romans (The Slave Traders / All Roads Lead to Rome / Conspiracy / Inferno)

‘The Romans’ is a key example of the early format of Doctor Who (1963-1989; 2005-present), which sought to mix science-fiction adventures with historically-themed storylines (as an extension of its intended educational role). A playful comedy, the story sees the crew of the TARDIS (the time/space machine) materialise in the countryside outside Ancient Rome, and take a well-earned holiday at an abandoned Roman villa. Their rest is soon disturbed, however, when Barbara Wright and (...)


YEAR: 1965

COUNTRY: United Kingdom

Małgorzata Musierowicz

Jeżyciad (Series) [Jeżycjada]

Jeżycjada is a saga about life of succeeding generations of families from a district of Poznań, Jeżyce. It began in December 1975. Most of the volumes highlight problems of adolescence and early adulthood of girls from these families; the few exceptions are: Kalamburka [Punnie], 2001, which describes Melania Borejko’s whole life, Język Trolli [Trolla’s Language], 2004, and Sprężyna [A Coil], 2008, written from the point of view of younger children. The prominent family of Jeżycj(...)


YEAR: 1977