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Monopoly: Wonder Of The World

This Monopoly board games features all the classical Monopoly traits, purchasing places, adding houses and hotels, a "Go to Jail" option, surprise cards. The setting of this game is the various wonders of the ancient world which the players can purchase. The winner of the game is the player with the most amount of money. The players also receive a "passport" they need to stamp for every attraction they have visited.The wonders of the world (natural as well as human-made, anci(...)


YEAR: 2004

COUNTRY: United States of America

Coffee Powered Machine


Okhlos' protagonist is an unnamed philosopher, enraged with the gods' indifference towards mortals and their well-being. The breaking point comes with the destruction of the School of Athens (obviously based on Raphael’s famous frescoes) - one of the Olympians crashes it with his foot, leaving almost no survivors. The only one left alive, the philosopher, says "enough!" and mobilizes the Athenians to overthrow Olympus' cruel regime and start a new life with freedom th(...)


YEAR: 2016

COUNTRY: Argentina

Yan Marchand, Donatien Mary

The Mysteries of Heraclitus [Les Mystères d'Héraclite]

Young Heraclitus falls in love with Népias, the daughter of the wealthiest citizen of Ephesus. To gain favour with her father, Mélancontes, the young man, begins to actively participate in the life of the city: religious ceremonies and Assembly meetings. Being a descendant of Athenian kings, under whose direction are held the Mysteries of Demeter Eleusinia, Heraclitus departs for the ceremony of initiation, where he is to join the cult and realize that his soul is immortal. After d(...)


YEAR: 2015