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Jolanta Nowaczyk , Daria Solak

Ala has a Cat. And Ali? First-class Sentences [Ala ma kota. A Ali? Zdanka pierwsza klasa]

The book is a collection of the first sentences from elementary schools primers used to teach how to read all over the world, and specifically in twenty five countries, including Poland, Sweden, Spain, Japan, Ethiopia. This original idea reinforces reading skills through contact with other languages and promotes the acquisition of basic knowledge about other cultures. On the page with the Greek sentence “Έλλη, να ένα μήλο” (Elli, (...)


YEAR: 2016


Terence (Terry) David John Pratchett


Pyramids is set in the fictional Djelibeybi (or the Djel), the tiny, powerless remains of an empire whose only importance is as a strategic block between its neighbours, Tsort and Ephebe. Pteppic/Teppic, the crown prince, has been training at the Assassin’s Guild in Ankh-Morpork. Returning to the kingdom following his father’s death, Teppic discovers that he has no real power, and the real ruler is Dios, the ancient high priest. After an unfortunate series of misunderstandings in whi(...)


YEAR: 1989

COUNTRY: United Kingdom