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Athena. Classics Illustrated, no. 216. From the Mythology and History of Greece [Αθηνά. Κλασσικά Εικονογραφημένα, Νο. 216. Από την Μυθολογία και την Ιστορία της Ελλάδος]

This comic book is about the goddess Athena. On the inside of the front cover, we read about Athena’s temples on the Acropolis, her motherless status, and her many adjectives, which, we note, derive from Homer. Also, we learn about festivals honouring Athena. The book closes with Pericles praising Athena’s virtues. The story starts with young and beautiful Athena’s presentation to the world. She stands in Zeus’ hand, as he sits in a throne surrounded by other Olympia(...)


YEAR: 1965


Cynthia Voigt


Orfe tells the story of a talented singer-song writer and her doomed relationship with Yuri, a recovering drug addict. The novel is narrated by Enny, Orfe’s childhood friend and later band manager, and is told in non-linear fragments of Enny’s memories. Enny reconnects with Orfe in adulthood and manages her career as she leaves an abusive band behind to forge a music career on her own terms. Joined by three backing singers, nicknamed the Graces, Orfe becomes a success. Meanwhile(...)


COUNTRY: United States of America

Dean Atta

The Black Flamingo

The Black Flamingo tells the story of Michael, from the moment of his birth in London in 1999 up until his debut drag performance as the Black Flamingo whilst at university. Written in verse, the novel traces key moments in Michael’s coming-of-age: his wish for a Barbie for his sixth birthday, forming friendships, exploring his Greek-Cypriot and Jamaican heritage, coming out as gay, and fighting for self-definition and freedom under the weight of other people’s perceptions and expect(...)


COUNTRY: United Kingdom