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Nintendo Research and Development Team 1 , Project Sora , TOSE Software , Toru Osawa, Masafumi Sakashita, Masahiro Sakurai, Gunpei Yokoi

Kid Icarus (Series): Kid Icarus (Light Myth: Palutena’s Mirror) [Kid Icarus (Hikari Shinwa: Parutena no Kagami)] / Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters / Kid Icarus: Uprising ( New Light Mythology: Palutena's Mirror) [Kid Icarus: Uprising (Shin Hikari Shinwa:

Kid Icarus The story begins in a land called “Angel Land” where humans and deities live in harmony. Two goddesses rule the land: Palutena, goddess of light and Medusa, goddess of darkness. The goddess of light liked the humans and helped them flourish, but the goddess of darkness hated them, so dried up their crops and turned them into stone. Palutena transformed Medusa into a monster and banished her to the underworld. Once there, Medusa gathered monsters and demons and assembl(...)


YEAR: 19 December, 1986 / 1991 / 22 March, 2012


Yoshikazu Miyao, Shinobu Ohtaka

Magi: Adventure of Sinbad [Magi: Sinbad no Bouken (マギ シンドバッドの冒険)] (Series, S01 E07 - E08): Sinbad the Merchant [Shōnin Shindobaddo (商人シンドバッド)] / Household Vessel [Kenzoku Ki (眷属器)]

This spin-off/prologue is an origin story for how Sinbad, the legendary King of Sindria in Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic, rose to his position of power and fame. Magi: Adventure of Sinbad is set some 30 years prior to the events of The Labyrinth of Magic during a period of great hostility between the competing Parthevia and Reim Empires. Spurred on by the deaths of his father (Badr), a disgraced and executed war hero, and his mother (Esra), who suffered from a debilitating sickness, Sinbad sets o(...)


YEAR: 2016



Persona (Series): Persona 2: Eternal Punishment; Persona 3

Persona is a role-playing game, which was developed by Atlus. In this game characters use Personas, who are the embodiment of the soul, taking the form of demons, gods or ancient heroes from mythologies and lore of many cultures, to protect a town from a catastrophe, friends from dangerous situations and their own lives from death. Without Personas, characters can do nothing because their enemies use Personas, or demons, and they cannot be easily killed by conventional weapons. At the beginning (...)


YEAR: 2000

COUNTRY: Japan United States of America

Mari Yamazaki

Thermae Romae [テルマエ・ロマエ] (Series)

Lucius, a second-century Roman architect who specializes in designing public bathhouses, is experiencing a career crisis. His old-fashioned style of bathhouses is no longer suitable to Rome’s craze for novelty. During a bath in a public bathhouse, he is accidentally transferred to a bathhouse in 21-century Japan through a mysterious process in the water. Astonished by the advanced innovations and gadgets found there, Lucius brings the new ideas of contemporary Japanese bathhouses back to a(...)


YEAR: 2009 - 2013


Jean Chalopin, Yoshitake Suzuki, Nina Wolmark

Ulysses 31 [Ulysse 31]

Ulysses 31 was created by a Japanese animation company for a French audience, conceived as a way to use modern Japanese cartoon work to introduce a young audience to the myths of Odysseus within a futuristic sci-fi environment. The series is based on Homer's Odyssey, set in the 31st century. Some additional Greek myths and, to a much lesser extent, myths from further cultures, are woven into the narrative, including Native American. The premise of the programme and of individual episode(...)


YEAR: 1981

COUNTRY: France Japan