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Johnny Capps , Julian Murphy, Howard Overman

Atlantis (Series)

Jason, a twenty-first-century young man in search of his lost father, travels in a submarine through an under-ocean portal and ends up on the shores of the ancient city of Atlantis ruled by King Minos. He befriends a yet unrecognized mathematical genius/geek Pythagoras and a prizefighter past his prime, Hercules. In this version of the Minotaur myth, victims for the monster are picked from among the inhabitants of the city in a lottery. Pythagoras draws a black stone, but his friends try to save(...)


YEAR: 2013

COUNTRY: United Kingdom

Elsie Finnimore Buckley, Frank C. Papé

Children of the Dawn: Old Tales of Greece

This is a detailed, extensive retelling of eleven key Greek myths with significant attention often given to character development, and details of the character’s education and early life. Scenery, landscape and geography are also described at length. The featured stories are:The Riddle of the SphinxEros and PsycheHero and LeanderThe Sacrifice of AlcestisThe Hunting of the Calydonian BoarThe Curse of EchoThe Sculptor and the ImageThe Divine MusicianThe Flight of ArethusaThe Winning of Atala(...)


YEAR: 1908

COUNTRY: United Kingdom

Robert (Bob) Blaisdell, John Green

Favorite Greek Myths: In Easy-to-Read Type

This short anthology of Greek myth is divided into six chapters, with mini sub-chapters within these. 1. Gods and Titans – The stories of Kronos and Ouranos and of Zeus’ war with the Titans.The Story of Prometheus: How Prometheus stole fire and Pandora opened the box. The Story of Persephone: The abduction of Persephone. 2. Hercules – How Hercules carried out labours to become immortal. 3. Heroes and Monsters – Divided into multiple hero stor(...)


YEAR: 1995

COUNTRY: United States of America

Natalie Haynes

Pandora's Jar: Women in Greek Myths

This book is not fiction nor a retelling of myths. It offers a literary and scholarly analysis by a well-known classicist of various female characters from Greek myth. As the author explains, "I decided I would choose ten women whose stories have been told and retold – in paintings, plays, films, operas, musicals and more – and I would show how differently they were viewed in the ancient world." [location 67].The author chose the following mythological women: Pandora, Jocas(...)


YEAR: 2020

COUNTRY: United Kingdom