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Robert Burleigh , Raul Colón


Burleigh’s foreword to this picture book retelling of the Pandora myth relates the background to the story, including Prometheus’ creation of animals out of clay, and the gifts that his brother Epimetheus gives to each of them. When Prometheus fashions the first men, Epimetheus realises too late that there are no more gifts to give to them. So Prometheus steals fire from the gods to keep them warm. In retaliation Zeus punishes Prometheus and mortal man by sending Pandora, the first w(...)


YEAR: 2002

COUNTRY: United States of America

Daniela Ohms

The Isle of Nyx (Book 1): The Prophecy of Gods [Insel der Nyx. Die Prophezeiung der Götter]

In this fantasy novel for young adults, 13-year old Eleni, who owns the strange gift to prophesy about other people’s future in her sleep, moves with her mother, Arjana, and half-sister, Leandra, from Berlin to Crete. Arjana is an archaeologist in charge of archaeological excavations of a temple of Zeus there. Soon after their arrival at the island Zeus himself appears to Eleni at night and reveals to her that she will save many people thanks to her courage. She gets to know the mysterious(...)


YEAR: 2013

COUNTRY: Germany