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Geoffrey McSkimming

Cairo Jim (Series): Cairo Jim at the Crossroads of Orpheus

Cairo Jim is a young archaeologist who is already an established member of the fictional Old Relics Society at the commencement of the series. He is always seen wearing a pith helmet and his desert sun-spectacles.Cairo Jim at the Crossroads of Orpheus is located in mid-to-late 20th Century Pompeii. It is a whimsical adventure in which the hero and his companions (a talking macaw named Doris and a telepathic wonder-camel named Brenda) work with an archaeo-botanist Bette Noire to rediscover l(...)


YEAR: 2006

COUNTRY: Australia

Russell T. Davies, Brian Minchin, James Moran, Colin Teague

Doctor Who (Series, S04E02): The Fires of Pompeii

‘The Fires of Pompeii’ was typical of the revived, 21st-century series of Doctor Who (1963-1989; 2005-present) with its abandonment of educational themes for ‘pure’ science-fiction, and pseudo-historical storytelling. Filmed using the same sets as the 2005-7 HBO/BBC Two series Rome, the episode attempted to present the same level of historical accuracy of costuming and set-design, while taking liberties with scripting. Aspects of Roman religion and myth – (...)


YEAR: 2008

COUNTRY: United Kingdom

Christina Balit

Escape from Pompeii

The story follows young Tranio and Livia, and their happy life in Pompeii. However, one August day the land quakes and Vesuvius erupts. The children initially do not grasp the full danger of the situation, but soon they realize it and witness the damage. They run to the harbour and hide on a Greek cargo ship. When they wake up the ship is already sailing away from the city. The children are saved. The text is accompanied by colourful and large illustrations. On the last page there is a brie(...)


YEAR: 2003

COUNTRY: United Kingdom

Salvatore (Sal) Murdocca, Mary Pope Osborne

Magic Tree House (Series, Book 13): Vacation Under the Volcano

In the Magic Tree House books, American siblings Jack and Annie (from Pennsylvania) are sent on missions in different times and places from a magic tree house by Morgan le Fay, a benevolent fairy who is a mother figure to the children. Their task is to recover a lost story in Latin, entitled: Vir Fortissimus in Mundo. This story used to be in a library in ancient Pompeii. Morgan le Fay also provides the siblings with a book called Life in Roman Times, which, throughout their adventure, they(...)


YEAR: 1998

COUNTRY: United States of America

TED , Mia Nacamulli, Kelly Wall

TED-Ed Lessons Worth Sharing, Series The Artist’s Palette: A Brief History of Graffiti

Graffiti in the form of spray paintings, tags, and murals is present almost everywhere across contemporary cities: on bridges, walls, subway cars. It is useful for expressing identity, artistic and political preferences – on the other hand, it is still controversial as it questions ceratain rules of social life. In a brief outline of the history of graffiti a female narrator claims that in ancient Rome graffiti was widely accepted, and Romans used walls for daily communication; Mayas used (...)


YEAR: 2016


Caroline Lawrence

The Roman Mysteries (Series, Book 2): The Secrets of Vesuvius

In this second volume in the Roman Mysteries Series, after the danger experienced by the children in The Thieves of Ostia, Flavius father decides to send Flavia and Nubia to his brother’s farm near Pompeii. He invites Lupus and Jonathan as well as Jonathan’s sister and father to join them. Whilst swimming one day, the children save the life of Pliny, and in thanks he gives them a riddle and sends them looking for a blacksmith named Vulcan. By solving the riddle the four friends disco(...)


YEAR: 2001

COUNTRY: United Kingdom