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Annie Di Donna, Abraham Kawa, Alecos Papadatos


Democracy is set in 490 BCE, just before the Battle of Marathon. One of the men fighting for the Athenians, Thersippus, fears that Athena would abandon them and this would cause Athens to fall. A second soldier, named Leander, approaches Thersippus and tells him that they will win as Athena would help them; he proceeds to tell a story of how he once saw Athena and how she helped him. Leander begins by explaining that when he was 16, he was living with his father, councilman Promachus, when (...)


COUNTRY: United States of America

Terence (Terry) David John Pratchett


Pyramids is set in the fictional Djelibeybi (or the Djel), the tiny, powerless remains of an empire whose only importance is as a strategic block between its neighbours, Tsort and Ephebe. Pteppic/Teppic, the crown prince, has been training at the Assassin’s Guild in Ankh-Morpork. Returning to the kingdom following his father’s death, Teppic discovers that he has no real power, and the real ruler is Dios, the ancient high priest. After an unfortunate series of misunderstandings in whi(...)


COUNTRY: United Kingdom

TED , Alex Gendler, Melissa Schwartzberg

TED-Ed Lessons Worth Sharing, Series Government Declassified: What Did Democracy Really Mean in Ancient Athens?

The video shows a young woman surprised by the information that she won a lottery with an all but typical (at least for today’s standards) prize – a position in her country’s national legislature. This may seem strange, as today we understand democracy as a political system based on elections, not lotteries. Yet in ancient Athens things worked differently: elections were organized only for positions requiring high competences, such as generals; all of the other magistrates &nda(...)


YEAR: 2015