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René Goscinny , Albert Uderzo

Asterix (Series, Book 4): Asterix the Gladiator [Astérix: Astérix gladiateur]

The fourth installment in the Asterix series begins with the Prefect of Gaul, Odius Asparagus, visiting Compendium, one of the Roman camps near the Gaulish village that is home to Asterix and Obelix. He hopes to curry favour with Julius Caesar by bringing him one of the Gauls as a present, but Centurion Gracchus Armisurplus is well aware that the Gauls are formidable fighters. Nevertheless, his soldiers manage to capture the bard Cacofonix, protecting themselves from his discordant singing by st(...)


YEAR: 1964


Alex Woolf

Encounters With The Past (Series): Meet The Ancient Romans

This book is a combination of a guidebook of ancient Rome and a time traveling adventure book. It combines information about ancient Roman institutions (the senate, arena, baths, temples, shops and draftsmen) with everyday life, such as food, clothing etc. The reader participates in the Roman daily life and also receives additional information on the origin of certain institutions or positions in the Empire. The plot take “you” a school boy/girl through a mysterious wooden door to th(...)


YEAR: 2014

COUNTRY: United Kingdom