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Natallia Bashava , Siarheĭ Kavalioŭ , Kanstantsin Veranitsyn

Taras on Parnassus [Тарас на Парнасе]

This play is a presentation of the classic Belarusian poem Taras on Parnassus.To meet the needs of the production, the dramatist integrates the events of Taras’ family life into the plot of the classic poem Taras on Parnassus (Taras, a forester, got lost in the woods while hunting and found himself at Mount Parnassus, where he met the pantheon of ancient gods). The daughter of Taras and Paraska is getting married, but her father does not approve of her fiancé. According to the idea (...)


COUNTRY: Belarus

Kanstantsin Veranitsyn

Taras on Parnassus [Тарас на Парнасе]

After a long usual journey through the forest, Taras, the forester, the main protagonist and narrator of the poem, falls into a pit and finds himself on at the base of Mount Parnassus. A little Cupid (“curly-headed, like a sheep” with a quiver of arrows and a hefty bow) guides him to the top. Taras passes a large group of writers climbing the mountain (he notices that not everyone is allowed to enter) and finally gets to the top where he realizes that he is surrounded by Greek gods w(...)


COUNTRY: Russian Empire