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Vikentsi Ravinski

Aeneid Inside Out [Энеіда навыварат]

After the fall of Troy, Aeneas, the son of Venus, along with his soldiers travel to Rome in order to establish a new kingdom there. Juno, who does not like Aeneas's mother, Venus, wants to thwart the hero. She talks Aeolus, the Keeper of the Winds, into raising a storm in the sea. But Aeneas appeals to Neptune for help. Neptune calms down the wind and soothes the sea. Venus helps her son too; she asks Zeus to support Aeneas. Zeus promises Venus that her son will happily arrive in Rome and wi(...)


COUNTRY: Russian Empire

Marios Aristopoulos, Jesse McGibney, Maciej Paprocki, Lee Vermeulen


Apotheon features the story of Nikandreos, a warrior from the village of Dion, and his journey to save his village and the Earth from the wrath of Zeus. The story begins with the ransack of Dion by invaders. Nikandreos saves his village alongside surviving soldiers and then heads to the temple, where Hera congratulates him for defeating the invaders and recruits him as her champion to take down Zeus, in revenge for her husband’s affairs with other gods and humans. He agrees to this task an(...)


YEAR: 2015


Bertie Beetle, John Santry

Gilbert the Guinea Pig and Other Tales

The Sunflower tells of the nymph Clytie and her unrequited love for Apollo. Giving in to despair, she stays rooted to the ground, her face bound to follow the sun, the god Apollo. The Golden Touch depicts a version of the King Midas story. When Midas begs the “golden touch” from the god, Bacchus, his clothing, food and his little daughter all turn to gold. After he goes to the river to wash off the curse, there is a permanent residue of gold dust on the river bed. (...)


YEAR: 1943

COUNTRY: Australia

Justine Fontes, Ron Fontes, Steve Kurth , Barbara Schulz

Graphic Myths and Legends (Series): Demeter and Persephone. Spring Held Hostage

The myth of Demeter and Persephone is retold here to familiarise young people with the myth and with ancient Greek culture more broadly. The myth provides an aeitiology for the seasons. Persephone is abducted by Hades, god of the Underworld. Persephone's mother, the goddess Demeter, searches for her. Demeter mourns her daughter when it transpires that she has been taken to the Underworld, causing harvests to fail and plants to die. A compromise is reached in which Persephone splits her time (...)


YEAR: 2007

COUNTRY: United States of America

Lisl Weil

Of Witches and Monsters and Wondrous Creatures

In this informational picture book, Weil takes young readers on a tour of mythical creatures from around the world. She opens by explaining the role of mythical creatures as providing answers for the things that happen that cannot be explained. "Some of these creatures were good; some were bad. Some were like animals; some were like people . . . Every country, every different group of people, had their own wicked monsters and wondrous creatures that became a part of the stories that were to(...)


YEAR: 1985

COUNTRY: United States of America

Celina Elmi, Valentina Orlando

Ovid for Fun vol. 1: The Labyrinth of the Minotaur, Daedalus and Icarus [Ovidio per Gioco, Il labirinto del Minotauro, Dedalo e Icaro]

At the beginning of the book there is an index of characters with accompanying pictures and a short description. This book focuses on the myth of Theseus and the Minotaur and on Daedalus’ escape from Crete with his son, Icarus. With the story of Daedalus and Icarus, the author begins her narrative with a lesser-known part of the myth, with Daedalus, who is envious of his nephew Acale’s talent, pushes him off a cliff. Athena intervenes and turns the boy into a partridge. Daedalus(...)



Natallia Bashava , Siarheĭ Kavalioŭ , Kanstantsin Veranitsyn

Taras on Parnassus [Тарас на Парнасе]

This play is a presentation of the classic Belarusian poem Taras on Parnassus.To meet the needs of the production, the dramatist integrates the events of Taras’ family life into the plot of the classic poem Taras on Parnassus (Taras, a forester, got lost in the woods while hunting and found himself at Mount Parnassus, where he met the pantheon of ancient gods). The daughter of Taras and Paraska is getting married, but her father does not approve of her fiancé. According to the idea (...)


COUNTRY: Belarus

Kanstantsin Veranitsyn

Taras on Parnassus [Тарас на Парнасе]

After a long usual journey through the forest, Taras, the forester, the main protagonist and narrator of the poem, falls into a pit and finds himself on at the base of Mount Parnassus. A little Cupid (“curly-headed, like a sheep” with a quiver of arrows and a hefty bow) guides him to the top. Taras passes a large group of writers climbing the mountain (he notices that not everyone is allowed to enter) and finally gets to the top where he realizes that he is surrounded by Greek gods w(...)


COUNTRY: Russian Empire

Croteam , Tom Jubert , Jonas Kyratzes

The Talos Principle

In The Talos Principle, the main character wakes up to find a peaceful but ruined world. An unknown voice, who later says he is Elohim, speaks to you, the player, and instructs you to complete a series of puzzles he has created for you (consisting of lasers, pressure pads, “Reflectors”, “Hexahedrons”, Enemies, amongst other features) so that you collect “sigils” and therefore ascend to the next realm. However, it also advises you not to climb the tower; later (...)


YEAR: 2014