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Kalliope Kyrdi, Evi Pini

Glafki at the Athenian Agora [Με τη Γλαύκη στην Αρχαία Αγορά της Αθήνας (Me tī Gláfkī stīn Archaía Agorá tīs Athī́nas)]

The opening page, entitled “instead of a preface,” explains that the book is about an explorative journey to the past, for which teachers and parents can prepare children before visiting the Agora. A talking bird guides children throughout the book. Appropriately, for Athens, the bird is an owl called “Glafki”, and we are given information about its symbolism in ancient Greece and about owls nesting in the Acropolis today. An illustration with a reconstructed view o(...)


YEAR: 2008


Peter Komak

Greek Mythology: The Complete Guide to Greek Gods & Goddesses, Monsters, Heroes, and the Best Mythological Tales!

As the name of the book suggests, it offers brief and adapted myths from Greek mythology. The book offers encyclopaedia-like lists of numerous deities and mythological chatterers. All receive a brief paragraph for minor or marginal deities (for example Ananke, Dione, Argus Panoptes and more) and longer descriptions for major deities, such as the Olympic gods or several Titans. The book covers the following themes/myths: What is Greek mythology?; Primordial deities (like Aether and Chaos, the dei(...)


YEAR: 2018

COUNTRY: United States of America