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The Acropolis Museum

Color the Peplos Kore | Χρωμάτισε την Πεπλοφόρο

This interactive game disseminates the Acropolis Museum’s research into the colour of the archaic sculptures in its collection. Players are invited to colour one of the most notable statues, the Peplos Kore. The game is intended as a stand-alone activity at home, although it also provides an online complement to the "Archaic Colors" family backpack which enables visitors to discover statues in Museum which retain some colour. Users are shown a photograph of the statue in its curr(...)


YEAR: 2012


Anita Rejch

Greek Myths. Fairytales of the Ancients [Mity greckie. Baśnie starożytnych]

Based on: Katarzyna Marciniak, Elżbieta Olechowska, Joanna Kłos, Michał Kucharski (eds.), Polish Literature for Children & Young Adults Inspired by Classical Antiquity: A Catalogue, Faculty of “Artes Liberales”, Warsaw: University of Warsaw, 2013, 444 pp., section by Barbara Krcha, pp. 294-295. The book is a collection of the most popular Greek myths adapted for children between 10 and 12 years old and written in an accessible language. The author compares mythical events to(...)


YEAR: 2007


Kalliope Kyrdi, Evi Pini

Icarus Tells Stories about Statues in the National Archaeological Museum [Ο Ίκαρος αφηγείται ιστορίες για αγάλματα στο Εθνικό Αρχαιολογικό Μουσείο]

A talking animal, a duck called Icarus, takes us through the galleries with sculpture at the National Archaeological Museum in Athens. Icarus shows us statues of males, females, and animals (as we notice also on the front cover), prompting us to pay attention to their style, meaning, and material.The value of experiential learning is emphasised in the introduction (page 3), so that teachers and parents can prepare for the museum visit. Throughout the book, Evi Pini and Kalliopi Kyrdi address bot(...)


YEAR: 2008


Avraham Regelson

The Horse’s Spring: Stories form the Greek Myth [Ein Hasus: sipurim mehamitos hyevani, עין הסוס- סיפורים מהמיתוס היווני]

A collection of mythological stories in poetic language for children. The book contains the following tales: the nine muses; Eurynome who created the world; Gaia and Uranus, and their offsprings; Rhea and Cronos; the Olympian gods; Hera throws Hephaestus; Prometheus and Epimetheus; Pandora’s box; Prometheus tricks Zeus; Prometheus steals the fire; Zeus and Leto; Zeus and Asteria; Birth of Apollo; stories about Apollo; Zeus and Mia; Hermes; Zeus and Semele; Dionysus; Silanus and Dionysus; T(...)


YEAR: 1966