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Voglio Una Mela Blu (V1MB) , Sybille Tezzele Kramer

Mischiamiti (Series)

“Mischiamiti” (series):“Mischiamiti. Il libro-gioco mitologico” (book-game), “Raccolta di filastrocche” per “Mischiamiti - il libro-gioco mitologico” (collection of nursery rhymes), “Le carte dei Mostri Mitologici” dal progetto a tema mitologico “Mischiamiti” (mythological monsters cards).“Mischiamiti” series contains interactive printing materials (such as “mix and match” game and cards) an(...)


YEAR: 2016


Lauren Faust

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (Series, S01E02): ​Friendship is Magic – Part 2 (Elements of Harmony)

Summary of the Series :My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic tells the story of a group of ponies, living in Ponyville, in a magical land of Equestria that resembles a glittery paradise. The ponies are all female, they behave like young girls, who value friendship above all things. There are several types of ponies: some resemble the "real" horses, some are unicorns, some others are Pegasi. It is a matriarchal society ruled by Princess Celestia, a supreme unicorn/Pegasus, seemingly older(...)


YEAR: 2010

COUNTRY: United States of America

Rick Riordan

Percy Jackson & The Olympians (Series, Book 3): The Titan’s Curse

The third instalment of the Percy Jackson series begins with Percy, Annabeth and Thalia on a rescue mission. Sally Jackson drops the three off at a boarding school in Maine to collect two half-bloods of unknown parentage. During the mission, they discover that the head teacher is actually the Manticore. After being separated from Thalia, Annabeth and Grover, Percy fights the Manticore alone trying to defend the half-blood siblings. He is unsuccessful, and after being poisoned by the Manticore&rs(...)


YEAR: 2007

COUNTRY: United States of America

Sam Bowring

The Zoo of Magical and Mythological Creatures

Twelve-year-old Zackary is the youngest prince in the royal family of Zedge. His parents dote on him, but they are also exasperated – every tutor in the kingdom has declared him unteachable. After failing his training as a knight, Zackary is sent to assist Barnabus, the chaotic Royal Accountant, who files palace documents in his fireplace. When Barnabus sends Zackary on an errand to the nearby Zoo of Magical and Mythological Creatures, he discovers the allure of a place his parents have al(...)


YEAR: 2009

COUNTRY: Australia