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The LEGO Company

Lego Minifigures (Series)

LEGO’s permeation into popular culture is evident through its release of thematic sets to coincide with the release of Star Wars: The Phantom Menace in 1999, and through its collaboration with Marvel Comics, DC Comics, and The Simpsons. As of 2010, LEGO began to release themed collectible minifigures that were based on fantasy, sports, history, and popular culture. A minifigure is defined as a small posable person with ‘rotating arms, legs, hands, and heads… (with) connectors (...)


YEAR: 2010

COUNTRY: United Kingdom United States of America

Voglio Una Mela Blu (V1MB) , Sybille Tezzele Kramer

Mischiamiti (Series)

“Mischiamiti” (series):“Mischiamiti. Il libro-gioco mitologico” (book-game), “Raccolta di filastrocche” per “Mischiamiti - il libro-gioco mitologico” (collection of nursery rhymes), “Le carte dei Mostri Mitologici” dal progetto a tema mitologico “Mischiamiti” (mythological monsters cards).“Mischiamiti” series contains interactive printing materials (such as “mix and match” game and cards) an(...)


YEAR: 2016


George O'Connor

Olympians (Series, Book 10): Hermes: Tales of the Trickster

This enjoyable graphic novel is the most humorous one of the Olympians series to date. The novel takes as its frame the myth of the killing of Argus Panoptes. A traveller and his dog arrive at the field that the giant, Argus, guards, where he keeps his many eyes on a lone white cow. The traveller begins to tell the giant stories:The first is the story of the dogs' complaint. Hermes arranged for dogs to make their complaint to Zeus about being under human bondage. But they "voided their (...)


YEAR: 2018

COUNTRY: United States of America

Philippe Béha, Glen Huser

The Golden Touch. A Retelling of the Legend of King Midas

The Golden Touch. A Retelling of the Legend of King Midas is a book and CD version of an opera staged in Canada in which over 200 school children performed alongside a Chroma Musika cast accompanied by The Orchestre Symphonique Pop Montréal, with narration from UK comedian Terry Jones. The opera was composed by Greek national Giannis Georgantelis, and was run as a community project under the auspices of the Government of Canada, the Government of Quebec, and the city of Laval. This w(...)


COUNTRY: Canada United Kingdom

Marcin Szczygielski

The Heart of Nephthys [Serce Neftydy]

In the distant future, people cannot live on Earth any longer as it has supposedly been transformed into a dead planet. It is called “Duat” – which was the name of the realm of the dead in ancient Egyptian mythology (ancient Egypt is highly in fashion in the future human culture described in the book). The protagonist, seventeen-year-old Effi, and his mother live on a spaceship, as the boy’s genetic material does not match the so-called “federation pattern.” E(...)


YEAR: 2017