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Renée Grimaud (Grimaud Ayanoglou), Daniel Maja

Alphabeta. The Greek Alphabet through Its Legends [Alphabêta. L'alphabet grec par ses légendes]

In the beginning, the 24 letters of the Greek alphabet are introduced with their French names and pronunciation. Selected mythological stories are presented in the alphabetical order of their titles. Each two-page layout contains a short tale and a full-page illustration in a blue colour scheme and introduces another character by their name, which begins with a particular Greek letter. The characters described are: Alpha – Argos, Beta – Bellerophon, Gamma – (...)


YEAR: 1995


Bertie Beetle, John Santry

Gilbert the Guinea Pig and Other Tales

The Sunflower tells of the nymph Clytie and her unrequited love for Apollo. Giving in to despair, she stays rooted to the ground, her face bound to follow the sun, the god Apollo. The Golden Touch depicts a version of the King Midas story. When Midas begs the “golden touch” from the god, Bacchus, his clothing, food and his little daughter all turn to gold. After he goes to the river to wash off the curse, there is a permanent residue of gold dust on the river bed. (...)


YEAR: 1943

COUNTRY: Australia

Mary Helen Beckwith, Susanne Lathrop

In Mythland

This is a collection of Greek myths for kindergarten children, retold in very simple language using poetry verse lines (although the lines do not rhyme). The stories are lightly told, with disturbing details obscured, and there is a focus on child characters. It is illustrated throughout with line drawings, often showing one of the main characters contemplating something.Featured Stories:Epimetheus and Pandora,How Daphne Became a Tree,Aeolus, the Keeper of the Winds,Latona and the Frogs,Theseus,(...)


YEAR: 1896

COUNTRY: United States of America

Voglio Una Mela Blu (V1MB) , Sybille Tezzele Kramer

Mischiamiti (Series)

“Mischiamiti” (series):“Mischiamiti. Il libro-gioco mitologico” (book-game), “Raccolta di filastrocche” per “Mischiamiti – il libro-gioco mitologico” (collection of nursery rhymes), “Le carte dei Mostri Mitologici” dal progetto a tema mitologico “Mischiamiti” (mythological monsters cards).“Mischiamiti” series contains interactive printing materials (such as “mix and match” game and car(...)


YEAR: 2016


Flora Juliette Cooke

Nature Myths and Stories for Little Children. The Teacher’s Helper

This is a collection of myths from around the world that ostensibly relate to nature, designed primarily as a reader for use in schools, although it resembles any other children’s myth anthology in form. Sometimes, the myth has been altered to make it more relevant to this theme – see "The Story of Sisyphus" in the Analysis section. The Table of Contents orders the stories according to theme, dividing them into Animal Stories, Bird Stories, Cloud Stories, Flower Stories, In(...)


YEAR: 1895

COUNTRY: United States of America

Emma M. Firth

Stories of Old Greece

This is a collection of Greek myths retold for children in simple language. In the introduction, Firth writes that this book is for "her fellow-teachers and … the dear children of America". She begins with stories about Helios, then moves to stories about Apollo, then Hermes and finally into more general stories. The retellings are accompanied by line drawings every few pages that depict key characters. Sometimes, these are sketches based on ancient statues. Featured Storie(...)


YEAR: 1894

COUNTRY: United States of America

Enid Blyton, Chris Price

Tales of Ancient Greece

This is a short collection of Greek myths retold for children. They are related in fairly simple language, mostly adapted closely from Ovid’s Metamorphoses. The illustrations take the form of black and white line drawings depicting key moments in the chapters.Pandora and the Whispering Box.Phaeton and the Sun-Horses.Proserpina and the King of the Underworld.The Maiden of the Laurel Tree (Daphne and Apollo)The Watchman with a Hundred Eyes (Io and Argus).The Story of Echo and Narcissus.The K(...)


YEAR: 1930

COUNTRY: United Kingdom

Don Bolognese, Roger Lancelyn Green

Tales the Muses Told

This is a fairy tale style retelling of Greek myths for children, which displays Lancelyn Green's high level of knowledge of ancient source material. He often brings in lesser-known myths or obscure variant versions, such as Daphne's father being called Amyclas. The sections are divided into "Tales of Flowers", "Tales of Trees", "Tales of Birds and Bees", "Tales of the Stars" and "Great Lovers and True Friends". It is lightly illustrated (...)


YEAR: 1965

COUNTRY: United States of America