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Joan Holub, Suzanne Williams

Goddess Girls (Series, Book 12): Cassandra the Lucky

Cassandra is the daughter of Trojan royally Priam and Hecuba. Along with her twin brother Helenus, she has the gift of foreseeing the future, and sell the fortunes as fortune cookies. Yet there is a problem with Cassandra’s prophecies: Prophecies no one ever believed, unfortunately, despite their truth. Instead she was widely considered to be a liar—(49-50). This was the result of a curse Apollo put on her when they were both little. Cassandra decides to send fortunes to Mount Olympu(...)


YEAR: 2013

COUNTRY: United States of America

Natalia Kapatsoulia , Filippos Mandilaras

Paris and Beautiful Helen [Ο Πάρις και η ωραία Ελένη]

The story starts with pregnant Hecuba, Queen of Troy, having a bad dream. The seer Aesacus advises Hecuba to kill her child. If she does not Troy will be destroyed. Priam asks a herdsman to abandon the newborn child in the mountains. The herdsman leaves the baby under an olive tree. When he returns in a week’s time he sees the infant playing with a bear and decides to raise the child as his own. He names the child Paris. The years go by and Paris becomes handsome and good with words. When (...)



Celina Elmi, Valentina Orlando

The Iliad: Homer for Fun

As is it noted on the book’s cover, “this series of abridged books certainly doesn’t intend to replace the originals of the classics they represent, but rather aims to render them accessible and attractive for young people (and… also not-so- young)”. This is a perfect summary of the series, which incorporates the mythical stories with the help of visually attractive and highly colorful illustrations on each page; the text is written on top of these paintings which (...)



Theresa Tomlinson

The Moon Riders

This novel follows over a decade in the life of the Moon Riders, a group of warrior priestesses from various tribes who serve the moon goddess Maa and travel across Asia Minor. They are called ‘Amazons’ by outsiders. In particular, the novel focuses on a young Mazagardi Moon Rider named Myrina, and her friendship with the Trojan princess Cassandra. Tomlinson looks at gender politics and freedom from the point of view of a protagonist from an egalitarian society. Told in third person,(...)


COUNTRY: United Kingdom

John Malam, Peter Rutherford , David Salariya

The Wooden Horse of Troy

The book presents a variant of the myth of Troy. The story of the building of the city walls by Poseidon, Apollo, and Aeacus is followed by the story of the judgement of Paris and its consequences, direct: the reward for giving the first place to Aphrodite, and indirect: the Trojan War. The author describes the fight between the Trojans and the Greeks, the secret help of the gods, the disputes between the warriors in each of the camps (e. g. Agamemnon's quarrel with Achilles, Ajax vs. Hector(...)


YEAR: 2004

COUNTRY: United Kingdom

Piotr Fąfrowicz, Zofia Stanecka

Troy [Troja. Historia upadku miasta (Czytam sobie series)]

The story is a brief description of the Trojan War written for children aged 6–7 who learn how to read. The classical story begins and ends with a pacifist message saying that every war, even if it generates stories about heroic deeds, is also a dreadful event which causes tears and leaves towns in ruins.(...)


YEAR: 2017