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Peter Komak

Greek Mythology: The Complete Guide to Greek Gods & Goddesses, Monsters, Heroes, and the Best Mythological Tales!

As the name of the book suggests, it offers brief and adapted myths from Greek mythology. The book offers encyclopaedia-like lists of numerous deities and mythological chatterers. All receive a brief paragraph for minor or marginal deities (for example Ananke, Dione, Argus Panoptes and more) and longer descriptions for major deities, such as the Olympic gods or several Titans. The book covers the following themes/myths: What is Greek mythology?; Primordial deities (like Aether and Chaos, the dei(...)


YEAR: 2018

COUNTRY: United States of America

Natalia Kapatsoulia , Filippos Mandilaras

My First Mythology [Η Πρώτη μου Μυθολογία] (Series): Apollo and Artemis [Απόλλωνας και Άρτεμη]

The book starts by showing two gods as small children in a pram. We read that the boy grew up to become a patron of the arts and music, while the girl lived in the forests and hunted. Readers are asked to guess the two siblings’ names. Next, we read about pregnant Leto trying to find a place to give birth, running away from Hera’s frustration with Zeus’ infidelity. Leto takes refuge in a small island, and gives birth, first to Artemis and then to Apollo. It now becomes cle(...)