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Séverin Millet, Michel Piquemal

Fabulous Mythological Tales [Récits fabuleux de la mythologie]

The book begins with two short introductions (each signed separately by the author, clearly a reprint of the introductions published in the two-volume first edition) explaining why the author decided not to rely on various mythologies but rather go back directly to sources, i.e. to ancient authors who transmitted mythological stories. As a result, Michel Piquemal produced a collection of myths divided in two parts (volumes in the 2006 editions): Des héros et des monstres [Heroes and Monst(...)


YEAR: 2006


Esther M. Friesner

Nobody’s Princess

This novel follows the early life of Helen of Troy, before her marriage to Menelaus and prior to becoming Queen of Sparta. Helen begins the story age four and ends it age fourteen, although most of the book is set at the latter age. Central themes explored include Helen’s feelings about her beauty, her family, the gods, her inheritance, growing up as a girl, boys and the elusive concept of freedom. Told in the past tense in the first person, the novel is a lightly narrated look at somewhat(...)


COUNTRY: United States of America

Samuel Mills

The Fire Bringer

This is a retelling of the Prometheus myth told in a novel format, using a framework of a didactic opportunity in which Prometheus teaches his pupils about the origin of humanity while the gods are preparing to transition from their Greek to Roman personas. Peppered between Prometheus’ lessons are moments where Zeus sets his sites on Chastia, a young girl, and attempts to charm her by taking on different forms and capturing her. Each time Prometheus, in the guise of something else, stops h(...)


YEAR: 2009

COUNTRY: United States of America

John Dougherty , Georgien Overwater

Zeus to the Rescue

Zeus to the Rescue is the second in a trio of illustrated chapter books about the adventures of Zeus in a modern British playground. It follows from Zeus on the Loose. Alex, the protagonist of the book, has recovered from Zeus’s first visit to the school. However, a pendant shaped like a lightning bolt, which Zeus has given him, starts to quiver. Could it be in response to a new girl, Diana, who seems to have an uncanny power over the girls in class, and their teacher, Miss Wise? Diana fos(...)


YEAR: 2007

COUNTRY: United Kingdom