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Marisa De Castro, Myrto Delivoria

At the Museum [Στο μουσείο]

The purpose of this book is to introduce young children to a museum environment. The book starts with a drawing of a museum, recognisable as the National Archaeological Museum in Athens, which is compared, and with good reason, to a treasure house. In the book’s opening pages, we form an impression that a museum is as much about a massive building (with giant stairs and big glass door) as about antiquities (statues and vases) and a plethora of vibrant visitors of different ethnic backgroun(...)


YEAR: 2007


Deirdre Barry, Richard Morss

I’m a Monster (Series, 52 Episodes)

2D animation series for children of pre-school age (4-8 years), about monsters from various parts of the world. In each episode of the series (duration: 2 minutes) we meet another character who presents himself to the audience (with the voice of an actor) and tells some fun facts about himself.* Most of presented characters are well-known – they come from mythology of different cultures, from literature, movies etc. The material is rich, colorful and original. In twelve episodes of th(...)


YEAR: 2010

COUNTRY: Ireland

Vakhtang Bakhtadze

Narcissus [Нарцисс]

The action starts in a museum, in the Greek antiquities department. Among statues and frescos, we see Greek vases. The camera stops at a vase with a silhouette of a young man with a bow. The narrator says: “Long ago, in ancient Greece, according to tradition, Narcissus lived. The young man was extremely handsome, but heartless and inaccessible.” At this moment the image on the red-figure vase gets full colours and Narcissus steps off the vase and off the frame. The same happens to Ec(...)


YEAR: 1964

COUNTRY: Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR)