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Gary Margrove

Hercules Son of God (Deceit of the Gods, 5)

This book is written as the fourth in a series of five as an exposition of the deadly threats facing our planet in the face of the Anunnaki (“relatives of Anu, ruler of the planet Nibiru”) and their attempts to take over the Earth. The author asserts that he has written this book as a service to the public, educating all as to the apocalyptic dangers that lie ahead. The writing, using second person narrative addressed to the reader, is peppered with URLs to extra reading material, bo(...)


YEAR: 2013

COUNTRY: Worldwide

Renae De Liz , Ray Dillon

The Legend of Wonder Woman: Origins

The Legend of Wonder Woman: Origins is a graphic novel retelling an updated origin story for the iconic superhero Wonder Woman. The story follows her journey from her island home of Themyscira into the outside world during World War II.In ancient times, Zeus granted the Amazon Hippolyta and her sisters immortality. They created an island of women free from greed and hatred. Their island, Themyscira, is kept secret from the rest of the world in an unknown location. As an immortal, Hippolyta is un(...)


YEAR: 2016

COUNTRY: United States of America