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Jetdogs Studios , Zoom Out Games

12 Labours of Hercules

The first 12 labours of Hercules game begins by introducing the main characters, Hercules and Megara, who live happily together with their servants. However, Hades abducts Megara, causing Hercules to set out to search for and rescue her. With the help of characters such as Medusa, Cerberus and Chiron, whom he rescues along the way, he fights the Hydra, saves Prometheus from his golden chains and rescues Megara from the Underworld.The second game begins in Thebes with Hercules having the idea of (...)


YEAR: 2015


Henry Lion Oldie

A Hero Must Be Alone [Герой должен быть один]

This is a heroic fantasy fiction based on the myth of Hercules, aimed at young adults, in novel format. The plot of the original myth is thoroughly transformed in order to emphasize topics and motives relevant for contemporary youth culture. At the beginning of the book we learn that Zeus has a special plan for his newly-conceived child from Alcmene and that this plan is a matter of serious disagreement in the family of gods (or “the Family”, as it is called throughout whole Ach(...)


YEAR: 1995


Geraldine McCaughrean


The book narrates the life of Hercules, from his early youth to his tragic death and following deification (or rather becoming a constellation). Due to the subject matter and the mentions of murder and tragic deaths the book is more suitable for older children. (...)


YEAR: 2003

COUNTRY: United Kingdom

Anika Fajardo, Nadine Takvorian

Hercules and His 12 Labors: An Interactive Mythological Adventure

This book allows is a "choose your own adventure" book, inviting the reader to relive the twelve labors of Hercules from a first person perspective, written in the second person, of the persona of the demi-god Hercules. There are three story paths, including a total of thirty junctions at which choices can be made for the reader’s preference. The eighteen optional endings give the reader the possibility to take ownership of the Hercules story and really feel the action themselves(...)


YEAR: 2017

COUNTRY: United States of America

Gary Margrove

Hercules Son of God (Series, Book 5): Deceit of the Gods

This book is written as the fourth in a series of five as an exposition of the deadly threats facing our planet in the face of the Anunnaki (“relatives of Anu, ruler of the planet Nibiru”) and their attempts to take over the Earth. The author asserts that he has written this book as a service to the public, educating all as to the apocalyptic dangers that lie ahead. The writing, using second person narrative addressed to the reader, is peppered with URLs to extra reading material, bo(...)


YEAR: 2013

Georges Moroz

Hercules: The Complete Myths of a Legendary Hero

The books narrate the life of Hercules from his birth, his madness, the twelve labours, his war campaigns (the Trojan War for example) and finally his death and apotheosis. The book is in novel form.(...)


YEAR: 1997

COUNTRY: United States of America

Mark Hess, Kathryn Lasky

Hercules: The Man, the Myth, the Hero

This of Hercules begins with his birth as “Palaemon” and Hera’s initial attempt on his life by sending the two serpents to his cradle. After accidentally killing his teacher, Palaemon’s mother sends him away. Although he thinks of himself as a monster, Palaemon goes on to make quite a name for himself as a strong warrior, not a monster, and was very happy until Hera tricks him into killing his family. This is when he becomes “Hercules”, Hera’s glory, and(...)


YEAR: 1997

COUNTRY: United States of America

Natalia Kapatsoulia , Filippos Mandilaras

My First History [Η Πρώτη μου Ιστορία](Series): Solon. The Wise Statesman [Σόλωνας, ο σοφός νομοθέτης]

Solon is presented, right from the book’s opening page, as a wise and well-travelled individual who set the foundations of Athenian democracy. The city-states of Solon’s time were governed by tyrants. Solon travelled around the world, studying the laws of different places. When he returned to Athens, the book continues, people were distressed that the Megarians had taken over Salamis. After Solon’s motivational speech in the Agora, the Athenians followed his crafty plan to figh(...)



Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis

Once Upon a Time… (Series, S05E12-21)

The second volume of season 5 (episodes 12-21) features characters from Greek mythology, these episodes are entitled: Souls of the Departed, Labour of Love, Devil’s Due, The Brothers Jones, Our Decay, Her Handsome Hero, Ruby Slippers, Sisters, Firebird, Last Rites. The last episode of the season (23), The Untold Story, is not included in the summary, as it is a recap of the whole season, mentioning a single object inspired by Greek mythology, the Olympic crystal which plays an im(...)


YEAR: 2011

COUNTRY: United States of America

Robert Baxter, I. M. Richardson

The Adventures of Hercules

This is a picture book for an older audience. On each page we have a labour of Hercules with a water-color like illustration, thus we have a narration and illustrations of all 12 labours. The language is aimed at young adults rather than small children. The illustration are also not naïve but in a more adult style. The story follows Hercules from his infantry and the killing of the snakes, then we arrive at his adulthood (killing a lion, helping the king of Thebes, and killing his family) a(...)


YEAR: 1983

COUNTRY: United States of America

Robert Newman

The Twelve Labors of Hercules

This is a retelling of the myth of Hercules, aimed at teenage children, in novel format. At the end of the book there is an alphabetic list of characters of humans/ non-humans and a short explanation of each.The story begins with Hercules’ birth and Hera tricking Zeus to bless Eurystheus instead of Hercules with the reign over Mycenae. Having realized that he was trapped, Zeus promises that nevertheless “Hercules will perform deeds so glorious that his name will be remembered forever(...)


YEAR: 1972

COUNTRY: United States of America