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Laura Ruby

Bone Gap

Bone Gap is set in the small American town of the same name in the 21st Century, and follows two protagonists: Finn, a teenage boy who does not know that he has prosopagnosia (more colloquially known as “face-blindness”, a disability that prevents him from recognising faces), and Roza, a beautiful young Polish woman who mysteriously turns up in Finn’s barn. Finn is the only witness of her subsequent abduction, but nobody believes him. As Roza fights to escape from her captor, F(...)


YEAR: 2015

COUNTRY: United States of America

Marcia Dorothy Williams

Mini Greek Myths (Series): The Twelve Tasks of Heracles & Arion and the Dolphins

The main body of this short book is taken up with the labours of Heracles. Williams starts off with his origins as the child of Alcmene and Zeus, and the jealousy of Zeus’s wife, Hera, at her husband’s infidelity. Williams tells how, having failed to kill the baby Heracles by sending snakes to his cot, she turns the adult Heracles mad so that he kills his many children by an unnamed wife. After his wife sends him away due to his actions, he consults with a priestess who tells him tha(...)


COUNTRY: United Kingdom