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Marek Turek

Fastnachtspiel (Series, Books 1-4): 1. The End of the Beginning [Koniec Początku] / 2. The Amazing Mr. Mayor [Zadziwiający Pan Burmistrz] / 3. Nonsensical Styx [Bezsensowny Styks] / 4. Infinitum

Fastnachtspiel* is a four-part series of comic books (The End of the Beginning, The Amazing Mr. Mayor, Nonsensical Styx, Infinitum). The action begins after the end of the world. The story resembles the world of nightmares, blacks and whites are sharply contrasted, a claustrophobic mood pervades each of the four parts. An apocalyptic town inhabited by demons, angels, golems and vampires provides a background for the story. There is no more death but this strange world is filled wi(...)


YEAR: 2003


Doris Orgel

The Princess and the God

The novel unfolds the love story of Psyche and Cupid. The story is mainly narrated from Psyche’s point of view, with her being the main narrator. However, we also read about the actions of Cupid and the other gods from the all-knowing narrator (parts that Psyche did not know about and therefore could not narrate in her own voice). This is a retelling of Apuleius’ tale from his Metamorphoses (the golden ass).(...)


YEAR: 1996

COUNTRY: United States of America