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James Brouwer, Wolfgang Bylsma, Tom Taylor

The Deep

The Deep is an animated television series based on a comic book created by Tom Taylor and James Brouwer, and published by Gestalt Comics. It is an Australian/Canadian co-production, commissioned by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. In The Deep, the Nekton family (parents: Will and Kaiko; son Antaeus (Ant) and daughter Fontaine), are underwater explorers, who live on a submarine called the Arronax. In each episode, the Nektons unravel a different mystery, often showing that what seems to b(...)


YEAR: 2015

COUNTRY: Australia

Paul Shipton

The Pig Who Saved the World

This comic adventure novel is a sequel to The Pig Scrolls, starring a pig named Gryllus. Gryllus was one of Odysseus’ crewmen who was transformed into a pig by Circe. When the rest of the sailors were returned to their human form, he hid in the bushes, and after being found by Sibyl, a courageous prophetess, and Homer, an awkward teenage poet, goes on to (unwittingly and unwillingly) save the world.In the sequel, The Pig Who Saved the World, Gryllus and his friends go back to the isla(...)


COUNTRY: United Kingdom