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Terry Denton

Story Maze (Series, Book 6): The Obelisk of Eno

The sixth book in the "Storymaze" series follows the surfing adventures of Nico, Claudia, and Mikey through parallel worlds and across the universe. The story begins with yet another attempt by protagonist Nico to win the surfing world championship on the planet Ganymede. This time he is confident of victory given that his main rival, Hercules, has been sent to the Underworld to retrieve Cerberus. By some twist of traveling fate, they accidentally arrive on the reverse of Ganymede, the(...)


YEAR: 2003

COUNTRY: Australia

Liudmila Rubleŭskaia

The Old World Myths of the Town of B* [Старасвецкія міфы горада Б*]

The old world myths of the town of B* is a cycle of 12 stories. Each one starts with a short author's retelling of an ancient Greek myth. The title of the story includes the main characters of the corresponding ancient myths, and its plot follows the stated synopsis. The protagonists, who inhabit a generic Belarusian town at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, repeat the fate of ancient heroes. The similarity is vividly emphasized by the parallel details of the story:Artemis and Ac(...)


COUNTRY: Belarus