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Brett Bean , Lucy Coats

Beasts of Olympus (Series, Book 4): Dragon Healer

This is the fourth book in the "Beasts of Olympus" series. Pandemonius (or Demon as he is most commonly refer to in the series) is the 11 year old half-mortal son of the god Pan and the mortal Carys. Demon is the official Beast Keeper of the Olympic gods and it is his responsibility to take care of the various beasts. In this story, Demon first encounters Hephaestus' fire-breathing brass bulls which were hurt by the hero Jason. Hephaestus helps him cure them. Then suddenly a girl c(...)


COUNTRY: United States of America

Ready at Dawn , SIE Santa Monica Studio

God of War: Chains of Olympus

The story revolves around Kratos, a Spartan hero seeking to redeem his sins by serving the Olympian gods.During his journey, Kratos receives a number of weapons and magic items. In the God of War: Chains of Olympus there are: weapons – Blades of Chaos given to Kratos by Ares (default weapon), Gauntlet of Zeus forged by Hephaestus; magic – Efreet, an ability to use the spirit of a fiery Djiin, Light of Dawn, orbs of light to hurl and Charon's Wraith, green, ravenous blasting flame(...)


COUNTRY: United States of America

Joan Holub, Suzanne Williams

Goddess Girls (Series, Book 22): Nyx the Mysterious

In this installment, we meet Nyx, the goddess of the night. 12 yrs old-Nyx is a loner. She lives alone in Hades, from where she ascends to the heaven to cover the world with a unique night-cape. Nyx is invited to MOA by Athena and Artemis as an “unsung hero”. She wishes to take this opportunity to educate the students and Zeus on the importance of night for relaxing and rejuvenating. She wishes to prove to them it is not frightening or alarming. She loves her job and is proud of it. (...)


YEAR: 2017

COUNTRY: United States of America

Gary Margrove

Hercules Son of God (Series, Book 5): Deceit of the Gods

This book is written as the fourth in a series of five as an exposition of the deadly threats facing our planet in the face of the Anunnaki (“relatives of Anu, ruler of the planet Nibiru”) and their attempts to take over the Earth. The author asserts that he has written this book as a service to the public, educating all as to the apocalyptic dangers that lie ahead. The writing, using second person narrative addressed to the reader, is peppered with URLs to extra reading material, bo(...)


YEAR: 2013

Ann Shen

Legendary Ladies: 50 Goddesses to Empower and Inspire You

This lavishly illustrated collection features the stories of fifty female divinities and heroines from across the world. There are ten classical entries. In addition to well-known Olympians like Athena, Aphrodite and Artemis, more obscure figures, like Tyche, the goddess of Fortune, and Eos, the Dawn, are also included. The entries are arranged into five chapters – Creativity and Manifestation, Love, Power, Protection, and Reinvention, highlighting cross-cultural connections and universal (...)


YEAR: 2018

COUNTRY: United States of America

Flora Juliette Cooke

Nature Myths and Stories for Little Children. The Teacher’s Helper

This is a collection of myths from around the world that ostensibly relate to nature, designed primarily as a reader for use in schools, although it resembles any other children’s myth anthology in form. Sometimes, the myth has been altered to make it more relevant to this theme – see ‘The Story of Sisyphus’ in the Analysis section. The Table of Contents orders the stories according to theme, dividing them into Animal Stories, Bird Stories, Cloud Stories, Flower Stories, (...)


YEAR: 1895

COUNTRY: United States of America

Frank Albert Farrar

Old Greek Nature Stories

This is a collection of Greek myths that relate to nature. Often, this ends up being myths about characters who are turned into nature, meaning Ovid’s Metamorphoses is a major source. The chapters are divided thematically, and within these each myth encompasses a few paragraphs. At the beginning of each chapter, there is a title page with a series of subheadings, which I have copied over onto the bullet points below. However, these subheadings do not appear in the main body of th(...)


COUNTRY: United Kingdom

Gary Crew, Marc McBride

Old Ridley

A young boy, Joachim, is fascinated by his elderly neighbour, Old Ridley, and his mysterious house.With its spiralling turrets and wild, overgrown garden, the building seems enchanted. Joachim rarely sees the reclusive old inventor, but rumours abound as to what he is up to.  ‘Some said that he had created light, others that he could see in the dark; some said that he could fly, others that he could make himself disappear.  It was even whispered that he was working on the secret (...)


COUNTRY: Australia

Agnieszka Stelmaszyk

The Archeo Chronicles (Series, Book 2): The Treasure of the Atlanteans [Kroniki Archeo: Skarb Atlantów]

Kroniki Archeo [The Archeo Chronicles] is a series of children’s novels, in which kids of a Polish and a British couple: Anna Ostrowska and Bartek Ostrowski along with Mary Jane and twins Jim and Martin Gardner and their friends solve mysteries associated with mythology, history, archeology, ancient cultures and eventually make consequential discoveries. In The Treasure of the Atlanteans, the children and their parents are spending their holidays on Crete. They are accompanied by a ne(...)


YEAR: 2011