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Aleksei Simukov, Aleksandra Snezhko-Blotskaia

The Argonauts [Аргонавты]

Two Greek boys playing on the seashore notice a wrecked ship and an old man sitting nearby. The man, Jason, tells them the story of the ship (“Argo”) and recalls some of his friends the Argonauts (Theseus, the Dioscuri, the Boreads, Orpheus, and Heracles). He tells how the ship was built and how they journeyed to Colchis in order to find the golden fleece. Among the adventures Jason recalls moving rocks of Symplegades, Stymphalian birds, and sirens.In Colchis in order to win the gold(...)


YEAR: 1971

Jemal Bagashvili, Aleksander Basilaia, Evgeny Ginzburg

The Argonauts [არგონავტები ] / Merry Chronicle of a Dangerous Voyage [Веселая хроника опасного путешествия]

The movie presents the myth of the Argonauts in contemporary setting. It starts with an introduction about Tim Severin’s expedition to Georgia in 1984 and then presents the director’s version of the myth. The movie contains most of the main elements of the classical myth. It tells briefly the story of Jason and Pelias, describes the building of “Argo” (which looks exactly like Tim Severin’s “Argo”) and the assembling of the team. Then it presents adventu(...)


YEAR: 1986

COUNTRY: Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR)